Dear Valued Customer,

Please be aware of the following changes and reminders on visa applications.

Restrictions: COVID-19: Effective 16 March 2020 the Visa department will be temporarily closed until further notice

Australia closing borders for 6 months.

United States of America
Cancellation of Non-immigrant Visa Appointments in South Africa from 16th March 2020 until 31 May 2020.

Restrictions: COVID-19. Kenya has blocked entry to the country to everyone except citizens and residents from March 18. Only Kenyan citizens and foreigners with valid resident permits will be allowed to come into the country, provided they proceed to self-quarantine or in a government quarantine facility.

Restrictions: COVID-19: Jordan’s Prime Minister on Saturday announced the suspension of all air travel of incoming and outgoing into the Kingdom starting March 17 until further notice, with the exception of air cargo. Prime Minister Razar announced the closure of all land, sea and air borders to travellers, except the members of diplomatic missions and international organizations who will be exempt as long as they abide by the Ministry of Health stipulations for the 14-days of self-quarantine.

Restrictions: COVID-19: Morocco has decided to suspend all international flights to and from its territory “until further notice” as part of measures to tackle the Coronavirus, its Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Sunday. It came a day after the North African Kingdom said it was suspending all flights to and from Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium. It was not immediately clear if the suspension went into immediate effect.

Restrictions: COVID-19: A state of emergency has already been declared in Spain and strict lockdown policies including restrictions on travel in and out of the country are expected.

United Arab Emirates
Restrictions: Covid-19: Abu Dhabi: The UAE on Saturday temporarily suspended the issuance of all entry visas except for those holders of diplomatic passports. This will be effective as of March 17. The decision does not apply to persons who have already got visas before the effective date.

Restrictions: Coronavirus: India suspends all tourist visas till April 15.

Temporary Travel ban to Sweden

Restrictions: Until 15 June, Switzerland will no longer issue Schengen visa

Serbia / Montenegro
Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Pretoria will not accept visa applications until further notice.

RE: COVID-19: Canada will be closing its borders to anyone who is not a citizen or a permanent resident. Diplomats, flight crews and American citizens will still be allowed.

Malaysia will be in a nationwide lockdown from March 18 until March 31. All Malaysians will be banned from travelling abroad, and no tourists or foreigners will be allowed to enter the country

Schengen Visas
From 02 February 2020, new revision will come into effect that were given the green light by the European Commission in June last year.

The most relevant changes for South Africans are:

  • Longer stays for those who frequently travel to EU member states with a good history of returning to their country of origin within the confines of previous visas will be eligible to receive multiple-entry visa for five years.
  • The changes will be especially welcomed by business travellers who travel frequently to Europe. Keep in mind the traveller must still have good economic status in their country of residence and show proof of a genuine intention to leave when their trip is over (or visa expires)
  • Applications can now be done six months ahead of your trip instead of three months.
  • Visa fees will be reassessed every three years.


  • Visa applicants will need to pay the following fee:Adults (12 years and older) : €80 for adults instead of €60 per application
    Minors (6-11 years) : €40
    Children (6 years and under) : remain free of charge